Stress and anxiety during pregnancy

At any stage of your pregnancy, you may experience a range of mixed emotions. Joy and excitement about meeting your new baby and becoming a mother may be mixed with some feelings of anxiety and fear about the birth and motherhood. It is important to talk to your partner or a close friend and your caregiver about your feelings. Discussing your

preferences and writing a birthing plan can help reduce worry or anxiety. Ask your caregiver about their practices and philosophies. Arrange to go on a tour of the maternity unit where you intend to give birth and attend pre-natal classes These actions can all help to calm any fears you may have. The third trimester is a time of great change and as in all such times our emotional state is very vunerable. To help prevent feeling overly anxious it is vital to rest, eat well and do regular, gentle exercise, this could be a gentle yoga class for pregnant women, hypnobirthing techniques,or anything you enjoy doing.


We, at Baby Bump Care recommend any of the following products as part of your Baby Bump Care routine: 


Progurt Magnease Mineral Concentrate is ionised mineral salts and when taken with an adequate fluid intake maintain hundreds of essential biochemical reactions that keep the body functioning properly. Optimal mineralisation may lead to improvements in mood, brain function and sleep to name but a few.  Simply add 10 drops to a glass of water to ensure your body’s immune and digestive systems are at optimum health for you and to enjoy your pregnancy.


Schuessler Tissue Salts Mag Phos helps with any rise in your anxiety levels during pregnancy and  Schuessler Tissue Salts Kali Phos helps tremendously with emotional problems for maximum benefit they can be taken together. Tissue salts are micro doses that are suitable for infants and during pregnancy. They are rapidly absorbed and stimulate the body’s natural healing process and brings quick relief.


Bach Flower Rescue Remedy


Australian Bush Flower Essences Emergency Essence


Australian Bush flower Essences Confid Essence



Open Heart Meditation by Irmansyah Effendi, available to download from itunes for $5

If you would like to try meditating or Heart meditation, this gentle and deeply effective Open Heart Meditation guides you to relax, release negativities, and experience the peace, calmness, joy, and gratitude that is always accessible in our spiritual hearts, our direct and eternal connection to the Creator. To get the most benefit meditate every morning before you start your day.



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For treatment of stress and anxiety always consult your Midwife or Doctor