Postnatal Recovery

Women often don't realise the importance of continuing to take supplements as part of recovering well. Sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, poor hydration and lack of support for daily tasks like cooking and cleaning and helping you with your baby are all general factors that may make you more likely to become exhausted during the postnatal period. If you are having difficulties due to other reasons aswell then please ask for help, having a good support network in place really can make a difference.

We at babybumpCare recommend to continue taking your pregnancy supplement such as Herbs of Gold Pregnancy Plus 1-2-3,  

concentrated fish oil and any of the following products as part of your postnatal recovery: 

Weleda’s Blackthorn Elixer, an organic strengthening tonic that is especially useful during pregnancy and breast feeding for the treatment of fatigue.

Spatone Sachets are the best and easiest way to boost your iron intake to help prevent anaemia. Spatone is highly absorbed with no side effects of constipation or stomach upsets and the sachets are convenient to carry around with you. Spatone is simply added to a fruit juice that is high in vitamin C, to make a pleasant drink that will be easily absorbed.

Progurt Magnease Mineral Concentrate is an ionic formula to help regulate your essential mineral balance, which may improve your sleep, mood and brain function. Simply add 10 drops to a glass of filtered water to ensure your body’s immune and digestive systems are at optimum health.

Schuessler Tissue Salts Kali Phos helps tremendously with the emotional transition into motherhood. Tissue salts are micro doses that are suitable for infants and during pregnancy. They are rapidly absorbed and stimulate the body’s natural healing process, bringing quick relief to the nervous system.

Harmony Mum's Restore is a 10 week formula for relief of symptoms of Stress. It is not recommended whilst you are breastfeeding unless under the guidance of a health care professional.


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For treatment or concerns about feeling exhausted other any other problems postnatally always consult your Midwife or Doctor