Fluid retention during pregnancy.

Oedema (swelling) is excess fluids that collect in your body’s tissue. A certain amount of swelling in the hands and/or feet is normal during pregnancy, as you are naturally retaining more water and as your uterus grows it puts pressure on your pelvic veins. This pressure slows down the returning blood flow from your legs and causes blood to pool around your

feet and ankles. After giving birth the swelling will quickly disappear. Swelling is typically worse towards the end of the day and it is important to put your feet up (literally) as often as possible. Staying hydrated does surprisingly, help with water retention. Maternity support hosiery (waist high stockings) can help improve blood flow return. Gentle stretches and swimming are also helpful.


Oedema needs to be monitored, as it can be a sign of Preeclampsia, which is a very serious condition. Check with your Midwife or Doctor if you notice sudden swelling or think you have excessive swelling. If one of your legs is more swollen than the other and feels hot or tender to the touch (particularly in the calf area) then it could be a blood clot and should be checked immediately by a Doctor.


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Schuessler Tissue Salts Nat Mur and Nat Sulph together to help reduce oedema. Tissue salts are micro doses that are suitable for infants and during pregnancy. They are rapidly absorbed and stimulate the body’s natural healing process, bringing quick relief.


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For treatment or concerns about fluid retention and swelling during pregnancy always consult your Midwife or Doctor.