Cystitis in pregnancy

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are also common during pregnancy as the hormone progesterone slows the flow of urine down. Progesterone relaxes the ureters connecting your kidneys and bladder. This means that bacteria have more time to grow before being flushed out. In the third trimester,

it is especially important to tilt and move your pelvis to help your bladder empty completely when urinating. As your baby grows there will be increased pressure on your bladder and so you will need to urinate frequently. Cystitis causes discomfort, a burning sensation when urinating and fever. If not treated it can cause more serious infection to the kidneys, which can lead to kidney damage and premature birth.


We, at Baby Bump Care recommend the following product as part of your Baby Bump Care routine:

Herbs of Gold Cranberry 60,000 mg Capsules as the best and easiest way to help prevent Cystitis. Cranberry 60,000mg helps stop bacteria from attaching to the wall of the bladder, causing Cystitis, whilst promoting a healthy ecosystem. It is an easy to take capsule form rather than having to drink vast quantities of cranberry juice and will ensure your body’s immune and digestive systems are at optimum health for you and your baby during your pregnancy.


Please follow the link to learn more about our products at Baby Bump Care. Please follow the link to learn more about our products at Baby Bump Care. For treatment always consult your Doctor. A course of antibiotics will usually be prescribed, we at Baby Bump Care recommend Progurt Sachets especially after a course of antibiotics to rebalance your good gut bacteria.