Carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy.

The carpal tunnel is a narrow canal in the wrist that allows the median nerve to run through the wrist to the thumb and fingers. Water retention can cause swelling that compresses the carpal tunnel and puts pressure on the median nerve. This pressure results in numbness and a tingling sensation in the hands and is called carpal tunnel syndrome. Oedema

(swelling) is excess fluids that collect in your body’s tissue. A certain amount of swelling in the hands and/or feet is normal during pregnancy, as you are naturally retaining more water. Swelling is typically worse towards the end of the day and it is important to prop your wrists up as often as possible with a pillow while resting or maintain a neutral position by not bending your wrists downwards (When typing for example). Adjusting the height of your seat to the same height as your desk can help, as can regular gentle stretching exercises.

Staying hydrated surprisingly helps with water retention.


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Schuessler Tissue Salts Mag Phos to help reduce water retention and swelling during pregnancy. Tissue salts are micro doses that are suitable for infants and during pregnancy. They are rapidly absorbed and stimulate the body’s natural healing process, bringing quick relief


Progurt Magnease Mineral Concentrate is an ionised mineral formula that when taken along with adequate fluid intake are vital to maintain the body's fluid balance and function of the circulatory system, a must have in pregnancy


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For treatment or concerns about carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy always consult your Midwife or Doctor.