Candida in pregnancy

Yeast infections or Thrush are common in pregnancy and cause irritation, pain, a cottage cheese like discharge and a burning sensation to the vaginal area that will worsen if not treated. Typically, a microscopic fungus called, Candida Albicans causes these infections.

Higher levels of oestrogen during pregnancy are believed to create an ideal climate for the over production of yeast, as oestrogen produces more glycogen (stored glucose molecules) in the vagina and provides a perfect conditions for rapid growth of Candida. If you have a yeast infection when going into labour, the infection can be transmitted to your newborn baby when passing through the vagina. This will manifest as white patches inside the baby’s mouth. If you are breastfeeding you and your baby will need treatment as the infection can also spread to your breasts.


We, at Baby Bump Care recommend Progurt Sachets as the best and easiest way to help prevent Candida. ‘Progurt’ probiotic sachets help aid digestion and rebalance gut flora and reduce bacteria causing Candida, whilst promoting a healthy ecosystem in a delicious, easy to make drink or yoghurt. ‘Progurt’ will ensure your body’s immune and digestive systems are at optimum health for you and your baby during your pregnancy. We also recommend a diet high in fibre, especially resistant starch that is found in legumes, lentils and beans. A daily intake of 20-30g will improve your healthy gut flora.


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For treatment of Candida, always consult your Doctor. A course of antifungal creams and pessaries will usually be prescribed