Sore Cracked Nipples

Sore cracked nipples occurs due to improper latching on by your baby. So if your having problems seek help from your lactation consultant as soon as possible who are based at Early Childhood Centre's or private practice. Dry skin can also make nipples prone to cracking.


We at babybumpCare recommend any of the following products to prevent sore cracked nipples: 

Weleda Nipple Care Cream helps moisturize and prepare for breast feeding and sooth tender nipples

NaturesChild, Nipple Balm soothes cracked nipples and is safe to use whilst breast feeding

NaturesChild Nipple Shields are recommended in certain situations and can be used to give temporary relief from damaged to the nipples, its important to discuss with your Midwife or lactation consultant before using as they may reduce milk supply and increase the length of feeds, so giving you less time to rest between feeds! Nipple shields can also be used to stem the flow of breast milk if your baby is struggling with a fast let down of plenty of milk.


Poor breast milk supply.

If you are worried that you have a low supply of breast milk in the early stages, always consult with your Midwife as there are many reasons why your supply might not be what you expect. They will assess and give appropriate referal to a lactation consultant. Remember to drink plenty of water, eat good food and take regular naps when breastfeeding as it requires more nutrients than during pregnancy. We therefore recommend you continue taking your Herbs of Gold Pregnancy 1-2-3 and Omega-3 Concentrate whilst you are breastfeeding. Its important to note that the first three days after birth will be colostrum in small amounts but very nutrient rich until the full milk arrives.


We at babybumpCare recommend herbs that increase milk production called galactogogues. The following herbs can be taken in capsule or as a tea:

Herbs of Gold Breast Feeding Support are in easy to take capsules formulated to improve breast milk supply

Weleda’s Nursing Tea Bags high quality, easy to use and formulated to improve your milk supply

Concept Tea's Nettle Tea, Fennel tea and Chaste Tree berries are high quality loose teas to brew and take as a tea


We also recommend any of the following products to improve hydration and nutritional balance combined with a healthy diet:


Spatone Sachets is a highly absorbed natural iron liquid to boost Iron levels. Often postnatally iron stores are low and it can be a factor in poor milk supply. Spatone has no side effects of constipation or stomach upsets and the sachets are convenient to carry around with you. Simply add to a fruit juice that is high in vitamin C, to make a pleasant drink that will be easily absorbed. If your doctor has prescribed high strength iron tablets for you then this higher strength is necessary, if you have difficulty tolerating them liase with your Doctor.

Progurt Magnease Mineral Concentrate is the easiest way to help regulate your essential mineral balance. Simply add 10 drops to a glass of filtered water to ensure your body’s immune and digestive systems are at optimum health.

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For treatment or concerns about breastfeeding always consult your nearest lactation consultant at your Early Childhood Centre or Privately.