Anaemia in pregnancy


Iron deficiency (anaemia) can cause tiredness, dizziness, weakness, headaches and irritability during pregnancy. You will have your iron levels routinely checked at 10 – 14 weeks and 26 – 28 weeks of pregnancy, to ensure you are not anaemic. Demand by your body for iron requirements can triple in pregnancy

so it is very important to try and prevent anaemia from occurring. An iron rich diet and natural iron supplements are a preventative approach to this common problem.


We at Baby Bump Care recommend the following product as part of your Baby Bump Care routine:

Spatone Sachets are the best and easiest way to help prevent Anaemia. Spatone is highly absorbed with no side effects of constipation or stomach upsets and the sachets are convenient to carry around with you to take during your busy day. Spatone is simply added to a fruit juice that is high in vitamin C, to make a pleasant drink that will be easily absorbed.


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For treatment of Anaemia, always consult your Midwife or Doctor