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Waterbirth in hospital

I recently was given a beautiful reminder of the wonder of waterbirth in a hospital setting.  What's great about birthing pools is they create a calm, warm, private space for a labouring woman to be. As they enter the pool everything suddenly becomes less intense due to the buoyancy effect and increased ease of movement. This often gives a feeling of relief and relaxation enabling women to be in 'the zone'. Some women choose to use the pool for pain relief and then get out to birth their baby, others choose to stay in the pool and birth in the water. What is very clear to me is those babies who are born in the water have the most gentle of transitions to the outside world and are usually very calm and peaceful afterwards.  Its often very difficult to have an undisturbed birth in a hospital setting for a variety of reasons, and birthing pools are by far the best way this can be achieved combined with a birthing team that you know and trust as being on the same page as you.   

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