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Why I Love Pure Jojoba for You and Your Baby

Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) is the only plant known to produce wax esters and these wax esters are almost identical to the wax esters that make up to 30% of healthy human skin sebum and 50% of the protective film that lubricates the surface of our eyes. For this reason Jojoba is the most effective moisturiser with naturally occurring omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids and vitamins A,D and E. It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which create a hostile environment for S. aureusis, Pseudomonas, Herpes simplex virus, and C.Albicans.  The molecular structure of Jojoba makes it suitable for any skin type, especially the most sensitive, including Newborn Baby's Skin.  We at BabyBumpCare recommend Pure Jojoba to maintain healthy skin, hair and eyes for you and your baby. We recommend keeping it pure & simple from 0 - 6 months on baby's skin while baby's skin barrier is developing.



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