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Oxytocin The Biological Guide to Motherhood

When we have high levels of Oxytocin often referred to as the 'Love' hormone we increase our social interaction, we become more bold, curious, calmer, have increased learning capacity, increased libido, feel less pain and develop maternal behaviour.  These effects of plenty of Oxytocin on our behaviour enable us to give birth safely, to bond with, to provide warmth and to feed our babies.

Oxytocin unlike other hormones has a positive feedback system, it can build and build with no limit and unlike other cells, Oxytocin producing cells are unique as they 'sing in unison'. The electrical nerve impulses do not come one by one but become co-ordinated and cells that lie between the Oxytocin producing cells like insulation disappear and all the oxytocin producing cells begin to act in concert (Kerstin Uvnas The Oxytocin Factor).

Kerstin Uvnas's 'The Oxytocin Factor' and 'Oxytocin The Biological Guide to Motherhood' are great books to read to have a much deeper understanding of Oxytocin based on her early scientific research in the 1980's into the release and role of Oxytocin during Labour, Skin to Skin, Lactation and other types of relationships. 

More recently In 2015 'Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing' By Dr Sarah Buckley a report commissioned by Childbirth Connection and supported by DONA International and Lamaze International is the most important scientific report on Maternity and Newborn Care and a MUST READ for those who wish to understand better why modern maternity care is not helping us birth better!



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