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BabyBumpCare HyopnoBirthing, The Mongon Method.

HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method is specially designed to prepare you to have a calm and positive birth experience no matter what path your birth may take. Through a series of 5 HypnoBirthing Classes spread over 5 weeks I can take you through specific techniques which provide you with the best tools to achieve a beautiful birth experience. As an experienced Midwife I highly recommend that you take this course. I also recommend that you start your classes at least 6 weeks before your due date to get the best results. I cover the Bega Valley area, and you will find other practitioners in your area at

Please feel free to leave a message on 'contact us' if you would like further information or find us Facebook.

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The Power Of The Breath

What happened to the importance of the breath in antenatal classes? Today unfortunately the importance of the breath is somewhat lost amongst the wealth of information given to new mums. I had a little reminder recently that breath preparation can make all the difference to a woman's birthing experience especially when the woman and her birth partner have made it a focus together antenatally. Here is a tip from a new dad's experience "When Sarah was in labour one of the key things that made it easier was her breathing, fast and slow through the contractions made a huge difference and try not to hold your breath it makes it so much worse" . Here as the surges (contractions) became stronger her breathing increased at the peak of the surge and then became slow and deep in-between the surges increasing oxygen and calm to the baby and renewed focus for the mother.

Practising nose breathing in and out by placing your hands on your lower abdomen and notice your hands rise as you breath in and lower as you breath out, your upper body should feel relaxed and still. Slow quiet breathing in this way stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system of relax and calm, this is known as breathing from the diaphragm and is used a lot in yoga practices.


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Using a Birth Ball During Your Pregnancy

I've found, the birthing ball is an excellent choice for sitting on during pregnancy. Most importantly you are sitting slightly forwards on the front of your sitz bones with your hips higher than your knees, your legs open wide, your knees in alignment with your ankles and your feet firmly connected to the earth. The free movement of the ball allows the muscles that stabilise the pelvis to be switched on, the natural curve of your spine to be maintained and your sacrum to be free. Gravity and movement on the ball encourages your baby into a better position reducing hip and back pain, and essentially assists you in preparing an easier passage for birth. So I encourage you to have one even if your just using it to sit on instead of the couch, at your desk, or at your table. 

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Why getting enough Omega 3 is so important during pregnancy

Making sure you're getting enough omega-3 essential fatty acids during pregnancy may help reduce your risk of pre-eclampsia, premature birth (delivery before 34 weeks), perinatal anxiety and depression, and improve breast milk supply. For your growing baby Omega-3 contains DHA (docosaphexaenoic acid) which supports their visual and cognitive development and central nervous system, whilst EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) supports their immune system, heart, inflammatory response and reduces allergy IgE eczema at 1 year old.

The current recommended daily intake of DHA during pregnancy is 800mgs per day from 14 to 34 weeks gestation as a minimum requirement, this is a lot more than previously recommended as research has shown taking 400mgs of DHA had no effect in reducing preterm birth. High quality fish oils are the easiest and safest way to achieve this requirement as eating lots of fish during pregnancy is not recommended due to the increased risks of mercury and other metals.

We at BabyBumpCare recommend Omega-3 Concentrate by Herbs of Gold as they use sustainably sourced fish oil, that undergoes a multiple molecularly distillation and purification process. This results in clean, ODOURLESS, LOW REFLUX, heavy metal tested, highly concentrated Omega-3 essential fatty acid capsules that may be burst and added to juice or milk, great for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and children.

Information sourced from

The Role of Omega 3's in Pregnancy by Dr Carmel Collins


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The Best Gift on Father's Day!

My sister was born on Father's Day, so today is a very special day.

Today father's are encouraged to be part of the birthing process but are not always fully informed of what their role is or what to expect, and why this role is important. Building the bond between both parents will have a beneficial effect for when the baby arrives and on family life as a whole. The transition to parenthood is life transforming and men are less likely to ask for support than women. Support is available through SMS, at, there is a facebook group Becoming Dad or the website that has a wealth of information to help new dads. Postnatally there are also dad groups for baby massage classes, go to or visit your local early childhood centre or library for parenting groups available. The Gidget Foundation also has great information for dads who are experiencing perinatal anxiety or depression.


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