the Baby In Mind programme


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The First Touch Program is the only one of its kind in Australia that has been extensively researched and shown to support a baby's

  • Physical and motor development
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Sleep
  • Empathy and other social skills 

The First Touch Program is for parents and carers of any baby aged from birth to 12 months. Our fully trained instructors will adapt the program to suit the individual needs of your baby, even if they are healthy and striving, active and alert or quiet and laid back, sleep well or find hard to settle, have some additional needs, were born prematurely or had a rough start.


The First Touch Program is delivered by certified instructors who have been trained by the international Association of Infant massage.


It consists of five sessions, each lasting 1 - 1.5 hours, with group sizes limited to eight families with the same instructor. You will have one on one attention and the time you need to get to know your baby through the unique body language, cues and signals they use to communicate with you. After this program you will feel confident with baby massage, and will have built upon and discovered a bond with your baby that will be enjoyed throughout your time together as mother and child. 


The Program is identified by medical researchers as the "Gold Standard" and highest quality program of its kind. If you are a parent, of any age or from any walk of life, The First Touch Program will help you experience the benefits and joys that come from using healthy touch, infant massage, and many other forms of communication with your baby. "These benefits range from improved sleep, less crying, improved confidence and independence, and a smoother transition through each developmental phase." But  - perhaps more importantly - by gently helping your baby adjust to their new life, you are laying the foundations for a calm, confident, and connected child and, ultimately a happy adult.


First Touch Instructors have completd a training that:

  • uses the only nationally accredited infant massage curriculum in Australia.
  • is the most highly recognised professional training program of its kind, endorsed by the Royal College of Nursing, the Royal College of Midwives, The Australian association of Social Workers, The Australian Counselling Association, Occupational therapy australia, the Australian association of Massage Therapists, and has more recently been endorsed by the Australian Government, and the Australian College of Midwives. 
  • has its standards monitored and maintained by the only global organisation with expertise in infant massage and touch education
  • is delivered in countries throughout the world


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