G'day and Welcome to babybumpCare!


How We Came To Be

During pregnancy I was amazed how difficult it was to find reliable sources of information on the internet and an easy to use website that offered a Preventative/Complementary approach dedicated to pregnant women, and this was how the idea of babybumpCare began.  Our beautiful baby boy Jacob is the inspiration behind babybumpCare.  Jacob had a rocky start, at 2 days old he had a stroke, he underwent lots of tests whilst being cared for in NICU the reason for which was never found.  He has an increased risk of seizures and has had a number of prolonged seizures since requiring regular medication as prevention, and thankfully has recovered well. This experience combined with being a Midwife with a background in Western and Eastern Medicine, and the support of a good husband and family has enabled babybumpCare to be born! babybumpCare is an information service and shop with high quality, natural products to suit you and your baby's needs. On our search for products our focus is to promote Australia's amazing biodiversity, and Australian made world class products for you and your baby. All of our Mother and Baby products have been hand picked and tested by myself and my baby and other mums and baby's for their quality and effectiveness. We understand that becoming a parent is huge in its self and we would like to share what we have found helpful through babybumpCare with you.


My background

I am a Mother, a Midwife, an Acupuncturist and have a background in Nursing since 1995.  I am very passionate about Women's Health and Complementary Medicine. My understanding of Western and Eastern philosophies of Healthcare has enabled me to adopt a Preventative/Complementary approach to Health.  I have been very fortunate in my career to have met many inspirational teachers along the way and wish to share this knowledge with you.


Our Philosophy

We at babybumpCare believe that treating your body as a whole will help maintain the delicate balance for you and your baby during pregnancy. This Preventative/Complementary approach will optimse your health and wellbeing during pregnancy and inturn maximise the healthy growth and development of your baby. Taking preventative action in this way will minimise many common ailments and concerns experienced during pregnancy, birthing and postnatally.  We believe education is a vital part of your pregnancy and hope that you will find the articles, books and products on our website invaluable to you at this important time of your transition into motherhood. 


Our Vision

We at babybumpCare wish to empower all Mothers to be to have easy access to reliable sources of information and effective high quality natural products to be able to make healthier choices for themselves and their baby during Pregnancy, Birthing and Beyond.


Our Team

Paula Sonley is a Midwife/Acupuncturist at the helm of the business who oversees all products and information to ensure all content and products are appropriate for each stage of pregnancy, birthing and the postnatal period. Paula hand picks and tests each product for its effectiveness for mother and baby.

John Sonley is a Jin Shin Jytsu practitioner and services manager who ensures all aspects of the business are functioning well to provide a good, easy to use, reliable service with exellent customer care

Wendy Renshaw-Lewis oversees all social media aspects to the site and is our writer to provide you with information/articles to help you make informed choices about your pregnancy.

Kerrin Booth is a Naturopath since 1992 who is passionate about women's health and specialises in preconception, pregnancy and postnatal care. Kerrin uses nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy and flower essences in her practice. Kerrin gives us a naturopaths expertise to make sure the products we offer are appropriate and healthy to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.